Our News

Our News

Entrepreneurship & digital skills for Public sector Employees

9 February 2024|

News from the BECBA Project!

9 February 2024|

CarboFarmHub: Carbon Farming Awareness Hub (New project)

31 January 2024|

Allon I3: Alliance on Interregional Innovation Investments (New project)

19 January 2024|

PAIC: Promoting Artificial Intelligence Competences in VET (New project)

4 January 2024|

UPWELL: Teachers UPskilling for WELL-being in multicultural classrooms (New project)

22 December 2023|

GreenSkills Rally

28 November 2023|

BECBA – The ‘Albanian National Report on the state-of-the-art in agricultural waste management systems and circular practices in rural areas’ is now available!

14 November 2023|