“Entrepreneurial Skills in the Public Sector” Session in the CCW2024!

Our session during Catalysing Change Week 2024!

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The Academy of Entrepreneurship had for another year the opportunity to participate in the biggest European event for social innovation: the Catalysing Change Week 2024!

Catalysing Change Week (CCW) is the world’s largest event led by social innovators and entrepreneurs to share knowledge, exchange ideas and accelerate collaborative systems change. 

Catalysing Change Week (CCW) 2024 was dedicated to Building the Social Innovation Sector and has been held from 6 – 10 May. The goal was to tackle system change solutions with action-oriented sessions that focus on (1) policy (2) thought leadership and (3) innovative solutions that will build the sector.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship participated in the session “Entrepreneurial Skills in the Public Sector”. The Entrepreneurial Skills in the Public sector webinar aimed at the discussion of the development of entrepreneurial thinking in the public sector in the European area.
The speakers who participated spoke mostly about the European project ENTREPUBL (ENTREpreneurial skills in the PUBLic sector: a digital approach) which seeks to develop a comprehensive training path to enable public servants to think differently about their role in the organization, handling problems and challenges as potential opportunities while seeing themselves as active contributors to the organisation they work, thus developing their ‘sense of initiative and entrepreneurship’ in their work.

Each speaker spoke about their experience of working on the project from their own position.

Andreas Stefanidis, President of the Academy of Entrepreneurship, started with a brief presentation of the content and purpose of the EntrePubl project.

The project coordinator, Marianella Parra continued with some observations on the difficulty of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in the public sector and on this she presented what entrepreneurial thinking means in practice and how it can be developed through the EntrePubl training programme.

The baton was passed to Alessandro Carbone, who presented his perspective as a partner in the project and as an entrepreneur himself, founder of T-hap.

Mr Carbone spoke about the prejudices and difficulties of entrepreneurship and concluded on how the right entrepreneurial mindset fostered by the EntrePubl project can contribute to efficiency and effectiveness.

Finally the discussion was closed by Dimitris Panopoulos, Labour Market Data Analyst in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, who gave the perspective of a civil servant himself, talking about the needs of the market in terms of digital transition and entrepreneurial thinking, as well as the way in which the EntrePubl project fosters a change of mindset in the public sector and its digitization.

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