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Skills4AI is a European Project aiming to develop awareness of artificial intelligence among teachers, trainers and learners so that they are able to 1) understand the importance of a technology that is spreading fast in all the sectors, 2) know for which purposes it is and will be used, in service and production companies, communication, leisure… 3) develop a critical thinking regarding how it influences our personal and civic lives. Skills4AI will help educators to forecast and implement AI for pedagogical purposes.

DigEnYou EU Project
DigEnYou EU Project


Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents a crucial facet of the ongoing transformation fueled by digitalization, global real-time networking, and the automation of productive processes. Recognizing Vocational Education and Training (VET) institutions as pivotal sources for supplying the frontline workforce, the PAIC project (Promoting Artificial Intelligence Competences in VET) endeavors to offer programs that integrate AI-related competencies for producing graduates equipped with skills aligned with the dynamic labor market.

Greening Youth Minds

GYM wants to provide the youth organizations and their youth workers with needed background of knowledge, ability and skills that make them able to effectively promote and support young people’s commitment in the environment protection field in order to empower and support them in leading and initiating green actions.


DigEnYou EU Project
DigEnYou EU Project


CarboFarmHub is set to transform the agricultural landscape by fostering an understanding of carbon farming practices. Our mission is to increase awareness and enhance the skills of young citizens and farmers, enabling them to address the challenges and seize the socio-economic opportunities.

At CarboFarmHub, we aim to create a network of awareness hubs in various countries, enriching the rural identity as a driver of environmental and social innovation.

Allon I3

European regions, especially less developed ones, are facing many challenges that could be easily overcome by interregional alliances to support the creation of new European value chains. The Smart Specialisation Strategies are at the centrе of this approach. The result of this approach can improve the competitive advantage of the regions supporting their capacity building.

The main objective of the project Alliance on Interregional Innovation Investments (Allon_I3) is to increase the capacity of regional innovation ecosystems in less developed regions to collaborate in EU value chains.

DigEnYou EU Project
Move Up Project


UPWELL Project (Teachers UPskilling for WELL-being in multicultural classrooms) focuses on Professional Development and Teacher Self-Efficiency in Multicultural Classrooms in order to improve teachers well-being, and consequently provide a safe and inclusive space for the students.

The training program is based on Professional Development in Multicultural Classrooms (PDMC) an effective way to upskill teachers by providing them with a learning opportunity to understand the complex characteristics of diversity, see it as a powerful and rich resource for teaching and learning, enhance critical thinking and improve the teaching environment.

Buy Social Europe B2B

The Buy Social Europe B2B initiative empowers Mainstream Enterprises and Social Enterprises to find each other and forge sustainable trade partnerships. We map the ecosystem, gather data, share knowledge, and support each other’s growth. We are also raising awareness and creating a strong business case for social procurement.

DigEnYou EU Project
Move Up Project


MOVE UP-MOtherhood Valorisation and Empowerment for professional development – Upskilling Pathways intends to develop a flexible upskilling pathway for unemployed mothers, offering the opportunity of assessing, validating, and further developing their prior learning and enhancing their professional competences. The focus is on the Personal, Social and Learning to learn competence (PSL) that they gained/are gaining thanks to their role of parent. The project fosters innovation in Adult Education and contributes to mothers’ empowerment and upskilling for facilitating their access to training and the labour market.


DigEnYou- Digital entrepreneurship for youth aims to create and promote innovative methods and tools for training, learning and assessment of entrepreneurial education for young people who would like to improve their digital and transversal competences and establish their own digitally oriented businesses.
DigEnYou EU Project
ENEU EU Project


BECBA (Boosting Employability through Circularity of Bio-waste in Rural areas) aims to engage and empower young people in agro-entrepreneurship actions turning bio-waste into valuable bio-products through innovative circular business models for job creation and environmental protection of rural areas.

The project addresses two major issues related to rural areas: unemployment of young people and high amounts of segregated and mixed bio-waste that are not properly managed.


ENTREPUBL (ENTREpreneurial skills in the PUBLic sector: a digital approach) aims at developing entrepreneurial thinking in the public sector in the European area. More specifically, the project seeks to develop a comprehensive training path to enable public servants to think differently about their role in the organization, handling problems and challenges as potential opportunities while seeing themselves as active contributors to their organisations, thus developing their ‘sense of initiative and entrepreneurship’ in their work.

Furthermore, focus is given on practices to implement digital solutions that can improve the operational efficiency of public institutions. In order to achieve that, the project partners will engage VET trainers and VET providers, so as to design an educational package that meets the needs of public sector employees with regards to digital skills development focused on entrepreneurial learning to be offered by VET educators and in general trainers of public institutions.

EntrePubl EU Project
ENEU EU Project


INCLUDED (Promoting Inclusive Employment in the GLAM Sector through Open Innovation) promotes social inclusion and aims at improving the outreach to people with fewer opportunities, especially people with disabilities, in particular people with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) through a proactive, open innovation approach for inclusive employment in the Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums (GLAM) sector.

The overall aim is to create a mindset of equal access and non-discrimination for inclusive employment in the GLAM sector for adults with disabilities.

The long-term goal is to form a more inclusive GLAM workforce through an open innovation paradigm.


Succession Ready (Interactive Succession Readiness Toolkit) targets the VET sector and SME stakeholders to reduce the extremely high failure rate of succession processes of SMEs in Europe, by enabling them to analyse their succession readiness and identifying knowledge gaps and weaknesses. Additionally, the project equips the target groups with necessary knowledge and tools to best prepare and implement the succession process.
Soc Entrep4NGOs – Social Entrepreneurship eLearning Programme for NGOs EU Project
ENEU EU Project


Empowering Creative Circular Entrepreneurs aims to upskill creatives and aspiring creatives AND those who train them (VET educators) to embrace circular economic principles as a key tool to adapt their business to a more sustainable model that reduces costs and waste while protecting and creating jobs.


WIDE – Wellbeing in Digital Education aims to create a new methodology for online and distance learning. A methodology where the mental and physical wellbeing of the students and teachers are not sacrificed in the process of distance learning but instead integrated as a core value of the learning process.

The partnership will develop a methodology based on the replies of a cross European survey as well as the experience of teachers and experts.

A set of guidelines will by produced and presented in a professional and publicly accessible online platform and will then be tested thoroughly in all the partner countries.

Finally, based on the testing and evaluation, a set of policy recommendations will be presented to teachers and stakeholders in VET education institutions and policy makers across Europe.

Soc Entrep4NGOs – Social Entrepreneurship eLearning Programme for NGOs EU Project
ENEU EU Project


Most of the times, young people employed in the creative sector do not have enough focus and attention on entrepreneurship skills which will eventually could help them promote their products as well as to have a contingency plan in case of a prevalent crisis.

Social Entrepreneurship 4 Arts promotes the notion that artists can be transformed to Creative entrepreneurs through the utilization of digital technology and tools. SE4Arts addresses the needs and barriers young artists face in accessing market opportunities and acquire them with the necessary entrepreneurial (soft and hard) skills to exhibit and market their work, manage finances and establish business collaborations.


Soc Entrep4NGOs – Social Entrepreneurship eLearning Programme for NGOs seeks to improve the capacity of existing NGOs working within the third sector, current and future social entrepreneurs by providing them with a formal qualification directly related to Social Entrepreneurship.

Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges while fostering inclusive growth, shared prosperity, and social inclusion. However, training on social entrepreneurship is not present in the social innovation ecosystem. Therefore, this project seeks to address the identified lack of research specifically to determine the challenges and the training needs by current and new social entrepreneurs and the lack of formal qualifications which are targeted specifically at social entrepreneurs.

Soc Entrep4NGOs – Social Entrepreneurship eLearning Programme for NGOs EU Project
ENEU EU Project


ENEU –  Empowerneurship for Newcomers in Europe aims at making self-employment a viable option for migrants and displaced people in transition in Europe and also for those who wish to return to their country of origin. More specifically:

  • General effect: Increasing learning demand among both educators and migrants through effective outreach, guidance, and motivation strategies.
  • Direct effect: Extending and developing the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult learners. They will learn the required skills to support the migrants and displaced people through their journey of becoming entrepreneurs and self-sustained.
  • Ripple effect: Empowering and skilling up the migrants and the displaced people themselves towards becoming the sources of entrepreneurship training for others in their communities.

This will be achieved by training the trainers in order to use the entrepreneurial tools and modules developed by the partners. The learning process will be developed by introducing and implementing a new methodology: @Home in Transition. The use of digital devices and also face-to-face training/interaction with a trainer/mentor (in person or digital) will complete the objectives to be achieved.


SOSUSK – Social and Sustainable skills for young NEET population is meant to face the pivotal challenge of mobilising a transnational population of European young Neither in Employment nor in Education or Training (NEETs), providing them with social and green entrepreneurship skills and competences.

In the current hard times, investing in decent job creation in the green and social entrepreneurship sectors, as well as in digital education and training opportunities for the youth, will contribute to the development of more prosperous and stable societies. For this purpose, the partnership is working on innovative learning and training opportunities willing to empower a large network of NEETs, youth organizations, and career services. With the ultimate goal of bringing out and enhancing the European NEETs entrepreneurial talents.

Eurothon EU Project

Completed Projects


GreenY is a project about promoting Youth-led women Entrepreneurship for the development of inclusive Green Economy. It aims to foster cooperation between countries in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The project will train women youth workers and young people belonging to vulnerable contexts, with key competencies and practical skills that promote their entrepreneurial spirit and increase their employment opportunities within the various sectors related to the green economy model. The development of these capacities will allow them to be empowered in the face of the challenges of the global context and can be considered as active agents of change within the framework of emerging sustainable development models.

StartUpBio EU Project
MiMi EU Project


Migrants’ microintegration into work and social life (MiMi) is a project funded by the European Union that aims to improve the integration of migrants in their professional and social life by offering practical solutions and material for daily work. It will offer new details on micro integration that “recipient labour representatives” (like trainers, coaches, but also HR counsellors/ managers at companies) could use to support the integration process better for this immigrant groups, and it will help to raise the awareness and understanding of the migrant population needs, living and emotional burden from their personal history.

Project’s Official Site


Improving Instructional Practices in Adult Learning and Supporting Adult Trainers’ Professional Development (IPAL), is an Erasmus+ project that focuses on improving the skills of educators and instructional practices in Adult Education. It aims at providing quality monitoring tools for adult education providers’ performance and access to practical training resources for adult educators, giving special attention to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes for trainers.

Project’s Official Site

IPAL EU Project
SECure EU Project


SECure – SME Early Crisis Toolkit, or SECure in short, enables SMEs facing an acute business crisis to precisely determine the crisis status, identify causes and initiate appropriate countermeasures. At the same time, (future) entrepreneurs are trained to implement early crisis detection mechanisms to prevent future company crises. The project achieves a sustainable impact by directly securing jobs on the one hand and by professionalizing VET organizations, management consultants, entrepreneurship and SME support infrastructures and by providing first of its kind resources to be implemented into their curricula and services.

Official Project Website


European Hackathon: shaping youth ideas on the future of Europe (EUROTHON), a European event focused on Europe as a great motherland of the future with debates on roots to explore and discuss the values and history of Europe. The aim of this project is to broaden and strengthen youngsters’ civic engagement and participation in democratic processes at local, national and international level, through their active participation in this innovative training programme, following an integrative, student-centered and action-oriented approach.

Official Project Website

Eurothon EU Project
Start up EU Project


START UP is a European project that aims to empower young people with disabilities to start their own enterprise and support them to overcome all the obstacles that exist both practical and psychological. At the same time, the project aims to empower youth workers to support them in this process.

The project is going to be implemented by a consortium comprised of 5 organizations, representing 4 countries from 3 continents (Greece, UK, Malaysia, Chile) that face similar issues related with the entrepreneurship of young people with disabilities.

Official Project Website


FA.N.T.A.S.I.A. – Entrepreneurship and soft skills through FAiry Tales: an iNnovaTive Approach to entrepreneurShip educatIon in primAry schools” is an innovative project that aims to foster the entrepreneurial mindset and knowledge of transversal and entrepreneurial skills of primary students aged 6-9 through an innovative software based on fairy tales, and to foster the training of teachers in the assessment of transversal and entrepreneurship skills of primary students through a user manual and training course for teachers/coaches, also available in eLearning mode.

Project’s Official Site

Fantasia EU Project
Resonant EU Project


RESONANT is a European project that aims to give new instruments to NEETs (people neither in employment or in education or training), interested in cultural field, and to cultural start uppers/ entrepreneurs who want to improve their business models.

The goal of this project is for young people to achieve new skills and qualifications, such as entrepreneurship, cultural management and transversal skills, that will guarantee higher levels of employability.

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COMPETE! is a European project that has as general objective the development of skills and competences supporting graduates in acquiring and developing soft skills and key competences, to foster their employability, and socio-educational and personal development, in order to help them be actively involved in work and social life. The project will also overcome the problem of recent graduates that enroll for jobs for which they are over-qualified in order to get into the labour market.

To reach this objective, the consortium wants to create a serious game, that will train graduates and young people at risk of unemployment to acquire the so called “future skills”, which are a combination of cognitive, methodological, social and digital skills.

Project’s Official Site

Compete EU Project
Start Up Bio EU Project


START UP BIO aims to support and facilitate transition and innovation processes of rural enterprises, accompanying them to the conversion from a traditional production to an organic production. It offers high quality training opportunities, promoting ICT-based learning (self-tutorial and e-learning paths).

The project seeks that new well trained farmers could be the agents for change management processes in the agricultural sector, actively participating as ambassadors in dissemination of a culture of organic production and sustainable development.

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TREND (Training Refugees in Entrepreneurial Skills using Digital Devices) is an European Union funded initiative that aims at helping refugees set up their own business.

This is done by training the trainers working with refugees on entrepreneurship issues and helping inform refugees on how self employment is a viable option for them in Europe.

This project answers to the following needs:

  • There is not enough entrepreneurial trainers with skills to train refugee entrepreneurs
  • Existing entrepreneurship training is not well suited to meet the needs of potential refugee entrepreneurs

Project’s Official Site

Trend EU Project
Wellvet EU Project


WELLVET is a European project that aims to promote physical health, emotional wellbeing and personal development of VET students through developing a bespoke European training course bringing together mentoring, physical activity and classroom support in a vocational context.

The WELLVET concept is developed on the assumption that emotionally, mentally and physically healthy students are a lot better inclined to acquire new knowledge and skills in a meaningful manner.

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EXPRESS is a European project that has as its main goal to empower young migrants and refugees, creating and/or strengthening supporting services for the development of self- enterprises by this target population. This goal will also be reached by strengthening the cooperation among all actors involved in the field of work integration of disadvantaged groups, as well represented within the consortium presenting this project.

The expected result from the project is the creation of a pathway for the implementation of a wider network among actors in the field of work integration of migrants/refugees to make them work together and produce effective impact for quality employment and to give a contribution in the decrease of young migrants/refugees’ unemployment rates and social exclusion, especially in South European countries.

Project’s Official Site

Fantasia EU Project
Sound of Business EU Project


Sound of Business (S.O.B.) is a European Union funded initiative that aims at boosting business skills through an innovative training approach based on the idea that music (in particular the history of Rock music) can be used as a cue to train adults about management, business and entrepreneurship.

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Self-Regenerate is a European Project that aims at increasing the opportunities for entrepreneurial careers of young people in peripheral regions. This can be achieved with the creation of a coaching methodology that combines start-up coaching and business English.

The project is based on an innovative coaching tool that has been tested by BTF in the UK, the Bridge Model.

Project’s Official Site

Self Regenerate EU Project
StartUpBio EU Project


FOCUS is a European project that focuses on the current situation of vocational training in Europe, which requires determining the paths of raising qualifications, and on developing and drawing on existing interventions related to Upskilling Pathways.

The project supports the exchange of good practices on the topic of defining paths of improvement of competences (Upskilling Pathways), in order to increase the competences of vocational advisors and trainers in motivating and encouraging adults to improve their vocational development.