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Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a promising program aiming at equipping aspiring or new entrepreneurs with important skills and knowledge in order to start and run a successful business. It offers the opportunity for participants to communicate, exchange, and share business ideas with experienced peers, and learn to live, work and collaborate with people in the environment of a foreign country.

SEEDplus is the name of our new consortium for cycle 9 of the programme, with the participation of Greece, Bulgaria, UK, Estonia, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal and Spain. The general objective of SEEDplus is to contribute to the overall EYE objectives: to promote the exchange and development of European entrepreneurs, to foster mutual learning and to help SMEs across Europe to be more international and competitive.

The specific objectives for SEEDplus are the following:

  1. Ensure that social entrepreneurs, NGO leaders and tech entrepreneurs have opportunities to connect with each other, along with mainstream entrepreneurs, and with the EU agenda;
  2. Ensure that young entrepreneurs (18-35), as well as women entrepreneurs, have the chance to take part in the EYE programme and connect with each other and with the other target groups of the SEEDplus project;
  3. To provide on-the-job training for NEs in order to support the development of their business ideas and helping them to overcome typical start-up challenges related to regulation, financing, market access and business support;
  4. To create links between classic entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, opening each other up to different business models;
  5. To promote social entrepreneurship as a sustainable business model with both social impact and economic sustainability, contributing to growth, jobs and social inclusion;
  6. To promote the internationalisation of SMEs, raising awareness of EU support for SMEs and the potential of the single market for trade and joint ventures.

Financed partially by the European Commission, EYE operates through the help of local contact points, entities selected by the European Union, in order to ensure participants and hosts get the best learning experience in their selected countries. The local contact points provide sufficient and helpful guidance as well as answers to all questions to prospective participants and hosts in order to ensure their application and exchange process will go on smoothly.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship is a contact point for Greece. For more information you can check the FAQs or contact us.