Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship (Level 5)

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Social entrepreneurship plays an important role in addressing social, economic, and environmental challenges while fostering inclusive growth, shared prosperity, and social inclusion.

In this context, Social Entrepreneurship eLearning Programme for NGOs, SocEntrep4NGOs for short (Project Number: 2021-1-MT01-KA220-HED-000023290), seeks to improve the capacity of employees in NGOs and social entrepreneurs by providing them with a formal qualification directly related to Social Entrepreneurship accredited by the Malta Further & Higher Education Authority.

The programme is developed by the University of Ioannina (GR), Universita Politecnica Delle Marche (IT), Boğaziçi University (TR), and Advenio eAcademy (MT).

It addresses:

  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • NGOs
  • University Students
  • Anyone who wants to get into the world of social entrepreneurship

The Accredited Programme developed the following specialist modules:

  1. Award in Creativity & Thinking Skills for Social Enterprises
  2. Award in Project Management for Social Enterprises
  3. Award in Legal Frameworks for Social Enterprises
  4. Award in Working with Apprentices/Volunteers for Social Enterprises
  5. Award in Social Enterprise Development
  6. Award in Fund Raising for Social Enterprises
  7. Award in Risk Management for Social Enterprises
  8. Award in Good Governance for Social Enterprises

Supplementary Module: Award in Practical Applications of Business Simulation

The Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship (Level 5) is hosted on the e-learning platform available through Advenio eAcademy.

The Programme’s duration is 74 weeks.

Programme Framework

Participation in the programme includes both self-learning and collaborative learning elements. The collaborative elements include weekly online tutorial sessions to provide ample scope for review and discussion of coursework with members of the Faculty.

Learning outcomes include:

  • An advanced level of understanding in the specialised area of prior learning and work experience
  • An understanding of entrepreneurial/social entrepreneurial methods and tools in a complex and specialised field of work or study
  • An understanding of professional practical knowledge in a specialised

The full programme is composed of 3 Stages:

  • Stage 1: ARPEL Process (32 ECTS credits) – OPTIONAL
  • Stage 2: Specialist Modules (32 ECTS credits)
  • Stage 3: Research Project  OR an Internship & Embedded Project Report (26 ECTS credits)

Total: 90 ECTS credits

If Stage 1 is omitted, the participant will obtain the Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship (Level 5) with 62 ECTS credits provided that they complete Stage 2,  Stage 3, and the Supplementary Module).

Full scholarship is offered for Stages 2 and 3. No tuition fees at all!

Requested documents in English:

  • CV
  • Educational Qualifications Documents (highest education obtained)
  • English Language Proficiency Documents

Participants will be invited for a short online interview, as part of the admission process.

Check the programme timeline below

Programme Details

Stage 1

Stage 1 (ARPEL Process) is OPTIONAL for Social Entrepreneurs and NGOs as it refers to recognition of prior learning and experience (at least 2 years at middle management or higher in an SME/SE or NGO environment).

The cost for Stage 1 is 197€

University students are NOT eligible for Stage 1. This stage only concerns employees in NGOs and social entrepreneurs.

More information on the ARPEL Process here

Stage 2

Specialist modules that provide students with a broad exposure to the challenges of running an NGO and in transforming an NGO into a Social Enterprise.

Assessment Methods

  • Individual Assignment/Case study per Module
  • 2 Forum questions per Module
  • 3 Online Workshops per Module (recorded)


Stage 3

Final Research Project (24 weeks)

The Research Project will allow students to hone their analytical and investigative skills by participating in an active research project under a faculty advisor to produce usable data sets, public presentations, and abstracts suitable for publication.


Internship & Embedded Project Report

The Internship Programme provides an opportunity to combine theoretical education with applied work experience.

The Supplementary Module will run in parallel with Research Project.

The Graduation Ceremony will take place in Malta!

Date: 15/3/2024

Registration Link: https://forms.office.com/r/Tgb1bYBDQr

Deadline for applications: 14/02/2023

You can find more information about the 3 stages of the Undergraduate Higher Diploma in Social Entrepreneurship (Level 5) at http://aea.academy/socentrep/

Co-Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union