Start Up Bio

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Start Up Bio is a European project that is concentrated on supporting and facilitating transition and innovation processes of NEW rural enterprises, Start Ups in organic farming, accompanying them to the conversion from a traditional production to an organic production from the beginning. It offers to youngsters interested in becoming bio farmers and entrepreneurs interested in adopting bio agriculture high quality training opportunities, promoting ICT-based learning (self-tutorial and e-learning paths).

More specifically, the project seeks that:

  • New well-trained farmers could be the agents for changing management processes in the agricultural sector, actively participating as ambassadors in dissemination of a culture of organic production and sustainable development.
  • New European Virtual Incubator for organic farming guarantees the consultancy services provided to the participants by trainers and experts in the field of organic farming.

The consortium, composed of partners from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Belgium, has developed the following results:

  • Didactic digital resources for viral training in organic agriculture: Design of videos and infographics, which create a path training useful to guide learners step by step in all phases of the start up or conversion process business.
  • Innovative training paths for new organic farmers: Activation and testing of e-learning courses for young people, farmers or aspiring ones, where experienced teachers and tutors accompany the trainees along the main regulations governing this sector in order to approach organic agronomic practices ranging from soil preparation/management to harvesting as well as knowing the different varieties for the choice, preparation and management of the agronomic plan of the farm.
  • Start Up Bio Virtual Incubator: Support services for 12 new and aspiring European entrepreneurs who were trained on different key aspects for a successful organic business, such as business models, finance, identification of the suitable agricultural land, product development and marketing, as well as taxation and leadership.

You can find more information about the project at

Don’t forget to check out the promotional flyer for the project in English.

Academy of Entrepreneurship
Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the Europian Union