Greek Delegation’s Visit to Chile

The Greek Delegation (Andreas Stefanidis, Aimilia Markouizou Gkika, Vasileios Tiliakos,  Maria Panou , Olympia Amvrazi) paid a visit to Chile in April.

The visit is kicked off by the presentation of the Red Incluye activities to support people with disablities in the field of entrepreneurship and followed by the state of art and the START UP Project planning.

It is followed by the Representative of the Fundacion Neoinclusion presentation on the support for the employment of the people with disabilities where they work as bookbinders and produce very stylish planners of high quality  and aim to sell their products to business people via their website.

Afterwards, the organization  which is responsible for quick repairment of wheelchairs  ‘Patos sobre ruedas’ as a very encouraging organization, had the stage with a video projection. It is founded and run by people with physical (mobility) disabilities to effectively help their peers. The projection is followed by very fruitfull discussion.

The Delegation visited COANIL Servicios which supports people with intellectual disabilities, not only involving them in producing, selling, packaging phases of the sweet production but also packaging of screws for other companies.

The next study visit was to Dr. José Horwitz Barak Psychiatric Hospital which runs a Project named “La Cafeta”: a café run by residents of the clinic, offering coffee, food and beverages continued by a panel discussion with the ‘La Cafeta’ team (users), where participants (people with mental issues) gave insights on how they manage to run the café.

The highlight of the delegation’s visit was the one to Entrepreneurs expo – Hospital de día Alsino – where beneficiaries are supported to create their own products (sweets, handmade products such as purses, plants, packaging of goods, body painting, art, wooden furniture) and offer their products/services to the public, in a wonderful community space setting where inclusion is the key component for bringing success.

Partners had the chance to visit the stalls and talk with beneficiaries, gaining fruitful insights for the way they are working despite the challenges they face. Alsino also  informed the delegation on a radio station that they have been running to raise awareness about mental health issues and how to support people facing such challenges to become autonomous and be an integral part of the society.

A round table followed by the initiatives related to ”Disability and Entrepreneurship” in Chile were presented.

Last meeting of the long trip was the initiative Siembra Inclusión: a social cooperative, dedicated to labor integration & development for children and adults with disabilities, providing also assistance and guidance to their parents. Two parents participated in the session, shared their experiences, challenges in helping their children to set up a business.

The visit is finalized by a closing ceremony.

group photo of all partners in the closing ceremony

This trip showed AKEP Delegation that all AKEP’s and partners’ efforts are in the right track. AKEP with its partners will keep promoting these best practices and support organisations working with people with disabilities, using the inspirations and lessons learned from all those great and inclusive initatives, together with our START UP Training Course , a valuable digital learning tool for organisations and individuals working with people with disabilities.