EUROTHON – Shaping youth ideas on the future of Europe

The Academy of Entrepreneurship is a partner in the Erasmus+ project EUROTHON, a European Hackathon focused on Europe as a great motherland of the future with debates on roots, threats, and ideal horizons, to explore and discuss the values and history of Europe.

The EUROTHON project aims to broaden and strengthen youngsters’ civic engagement and participation in democratic processes at local, national, and international level. Youngsters can benefit through their active participation in this innovative training program which will follow an integrative, student-centered and action-oriented approach, aimed at developing a culture of innovation within communities and amongst educators.

The project aims to:

  1. Enhance young people’s civic participation, providing them with the right information, tools and channels to make their voices heard by policy makers and relevant organisations and stand up as tomorrow’s change makers and new EU ambassadors;
  2. Increase social inclusion of young people on European values, while promoting intercultural dialogue and acceptance of diversity and tolerance;
  3. Strengthen young people’s sense of initiative, notably in the social field to support their communities;

Promote equal learning, collaborative work, and self-learning, through the involvement of young people in the EUROTHON training programme and event.

The following intellectual outputs will be produced during the lifetime of the project:

  • IO1: Methodological Framework and Training Modules Development, that includes 5 modules dealing with different aspects of active citizenship
  • IO2: EUROTHON Online Area – an online space for young activists and generally youth audience in which all the resources produced will be uploaded and made available as OER
  • IO3: Toolkit for EU Ambassadors & Influencers – a set of good practices, golden rules and useful information for those young people that want to espouse the cause and undertake different forms of political activism and participation.

Target Groups

  • Young People between 18-30 years old
  • Activists
  • NGOs
  • Youth Organizations
  • Wider Civil Society Organizations

Young people willing to take up and play a more active role as an EU Influencer or EU cultural Ambassador

Project Partners

The consortium consists of 8 organisations representing 7 European countries:

We are currently working on the development of the EUROTHON e-course and methodological framework, creating 5 modules that deal with different aspects of active citizenship. The e-course is designed to prepare youngsters who wish to participate in the EUROTHON upcoming event in Cyprus and anyone interested in active citizenship and civic engagement.

More exciting news to come!

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