The Academy of Entrepreneurship is accredited with the Quality Label for European Solidarity Corps!

The Academy of Entrepreneurship holds the accreditation for Quality Label in European Solidarity Corps as hosting young people for VOLUNTEERING, TRAINEESHIP and JOBS!

The Quality Label ensures compliance with the principles and objectives of the European Solidarity Corps program funded by EU.  From now and on, our organisation can apply for projects that offer  opportunities for volunteers, trainees and youth employment.

What is the European Solidarity Corps? 

The European Solidarity Corps is an initiative by European Union which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe.

The European Solidarity Corps brings together young people to build a more inclusive society, supporting vulnerable people and responding to societal challenges. It offers an inspiring and empowering experience for young people, 18-30 years old, who want to help, learn and develop.

The European Solidarity Corps aims to promote solidarity as a value, mainly through volunteering, to enhance the engagement of young people and organisations in accessible and high quality solidarity activities as a means to contribute to strengthening cohesion, solidarity, democracy and citizenship in Europe, while also responding to societal challenges and strengthening communities, with particular effort to promote social inclusion. It shall also contribute to European cooperation that is relevant to young people.

Learn more about the program here.

How the Academy of Entrepreneurships can contribute to the European Solidarity Corps program 

We develop our projects and activities following the value of solidarity which is in the heart of European Solidarity Corps program. Our organisation is determined to cope with the new reality created within the economic and covid-19 crisis in an effective and consistent way, on a national, European and global level.

Being aware of the inequalities in the labour market, the Academy of Entrepreneurship recognises particular categories of target groups which are in a position of vulnerability. On one hand, there is the unemployed youth population, and on the other hand, the disadvantaged people including refugees and migrants, NEET’s, disabled, long term unemployed, etc. Taking that into account, our aim is to develop and support entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, so as to support business ideas and professional development.

This is the kick off of an incredible journey!

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