MiMi – Migrants’ microintegration into work and social life

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MiMi (Migrants’ microintegration into work and social life) is a European project that focuses on offering practical solutions and material for daily work with migrants following the aim of particularly improving their personal integration in work and social life.

More specifically, it aims at:

  • offering new details on micro integration that “recipient labour representatives” (like trainers, coaches, but also HR counsellors/managers at companies) could use to support the integration process for the migrants in a better way
  • helping to raise awareness and understanding of the migrant population needs, living and emotional burden from their personal history

The consortium, comprised of partners from Greece, Norway and Austria, is currently working on developing:

  • a practice set for “recipient labour representatives” that will hold contents and particularly specific guidelines of use for the needs of the targeted migrant groups (refugees/ asylum title holders) concerning their integration into social life.The topics will be on Dialog on -on one, Co-determination, Recognising Negative Patterns – thoughts, “My life” – my responsibility, and my own role in society inter alia.
  • 30 mind changer tools that will hold contents particularly addressing the needs of the targeted migrant groups regarding social matters, as well as “eye opening” activities and reflection sets aiming at helping “recipient labour representatives” to better understand this migrant population and be better able to integrate them into the work processes.

The project’s official website is https://microintegration.eu/, and you can also follow it on Facebook at Mimi – Migrants microintegration

Don’t forget to check out the promotional flyer for the project in both Greek and English!

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