GYM: Greening Youth Minds (New Project)

New EU Project for providing environmental and sustainability-related knowledge to youth

People working together

The environmental situation is a concern that demands urgent attention and action. We recognise the challenges caused by climate change, pollution, and resource depletion. These issues not only threaten the health of our planet but also endanger the well-being of future generations.

Greening Youth Minds (GYM) is a project that aims at providing environmental and sustainability-related knowledge to youth workers and youth associations. The goal is to foster the next generation of environmentally responsible adults who have the knowledge, skills and capacities to engage in environmental protection activities. The partners collaborating on the GYM project decided to create a series of activities that can facilitate the achievement of this goal. These activities include tailored training programs, peer-learning methodologies, and local seminars.

Objectives and Goals

Empowerment of Youth Workers

Equip youth workers with the relevant knowledge and tools to educate the young about environmental sustainability.

Support environmental awareness

Raise awareness among the youth about the importance of environmental protection and sustainable practices.

Youth Cultivation

Encouraging the development of skills and capacities of young individuals to actively participate in environmental protection activities and initiatives.

Sustainable Practices Promotion

Promoting sustainable practices among the youth workers and associations.


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