Free Training Seminars in Organic Farming from the Start Up Bio programme

The Academy of Entrepreneurship, with the support of the organizations Organization Earth, Aephoria, IFOAM AgriBioMediterraneo, Open Farm and New Agriculture New Generation, participates as a partner in the Start Up Bio programme, and we are pleased to announce that the registration for the basic training seminar in organic farming is now available.

Registrations are open!

Organization Earth
IFOAM AgriBio Mediterraneo
New Agriculture New Generation

This course is for you if:

  • You are interested in learning about organic farming in order to turn your own conventional farm into an organic farm
  • Youwant to create a new organic production
  • Youare an entrepreneur and you want to create your own business in organic production
  • You want to gain knowledge on organic farming

In order to take the basic e-course on organic farming you do not need specific agronomic knowledge.

The aim of the course is to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts of organic farming, knowledge that will help you to turn your conventional production system into organic.

The basic course in organic farming lasts a total of 15 hours (3 modules of 5 hours each).

At the end of the course and after the assessment test, you will receive a certificate as proof that you have received the necessary training. This certificate is automatically generated by the e-learning platform. You will also be able to download the results of the evaluation test from the platform.

For more information please visit the Start Up Bio website or contact us: 

StartupBio –  AKEP

Subject: E-learning courses

+30 210 33 13 690

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