Become a Migrant Trainer AMBASSADOR!

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The Academy of Entrepreneurship is happy to announce its partnership with Erasmus+ project ‘ENEU – Empowerneurship for Newcomers in Europe’ which aims at making self-employment a viable option for migrants and displaced people in transition in Europe and also for those who wish to return to their country of origin by:

  • Increasing learning demand among both educators and migrants through effective outreach, guidance, and motivation strategies
  • Extending and developing the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult learners that they will be able to support the migrants and displaced people through their journey of becoming entrepreneurs and earning their livelihood
  • Empowering and skilling up the migrants and the displaced people to be the entrepreneurship trainers

At the end of the program, all the trainers will be able to use the entrepreneurial tools and modules developed by the partners.

The learning process will be developed by introducing and implementing a new methodology: @Home in Transition. The use of digital devices and also face-to-face training/interaction with a trainer/mentor (in person or digital) will complete the objectives to be achieved.

In the context of this project, the Academy of Entrepreneurship is looking for a migrant trainer who is interested in gaining new theoretical and practical knowledge based on the ‘@Home In Transition’ methodology, and who is also enthusiastic about sharing the experience to empower and up skill migrants and displaced people in transition.

So, would you like to become one of the ambassadors of migrants’ empowerneurship?

If so, check the eligibility criteria and apply now!


What’s the profile of the migrant trainer?

  • Being a migrant
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Commitment to the whole duration of the project
  • Availability to participate in ALL 4 training activities that will be implemented throughout the project’s life cycle:
    • Training Activity 1: July 19-20, 2021, Athens
    • Training Activity 2: end of November, Palermo
    • Training Activity 3: 2023, Cyprus
    • Training Activity 2: 2024, Norway

What will you gain?

  • Be an ambassador for contextualising and implementing the ‘@Home In Transition’ methodology.
  • Training on how to use ICT and open educational resources for entrepreneurship (TREND platform).
  • Training on pedagogical leadership, especially towards working with people that may have a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD with systems entrepreneurship, modern business operation models, European rules and regulations, and cultural and financial topics related to running a business in Europe.
  • Connection with refugees using digital communication devices (mobile and web applications).
  • Creation of collaboration networks with (migrant) trainers from Greece, Norway, Cyprus, Italy, and Austria.
  • Fully covered expenses related to the training activities in Italy, Cyprus, and Norway.

For more information, please contact us at:

+30 210 33 13 690

Grab the opportunity to be one of the ambassadors of migrants’ empowerneurship!

Αpplication deadline: 30/06/2022

Empowerneurship for Newcomers in Europe