An open source platform to train the soft and hard skills of the cultural and creative entrepreneur

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The Resonant project aims at creating new training opportunities in the field of cultural and creative enterprises.

In the Resonant platform you will find

Learners’ assessment tool

Have you ever wondered whether you learn better by listening to a piece of content, visualizing it, or getting hands-on right away? Do you want to find out what kind of learner you are and / or find out what kind of learner your students are?

On the platform you will find the test to assess which type of learner you belong to!

Training course

Are you a trainer and want to find creative exercises to train your students’ hard and soft entrepreneurial skills? Are you a startupper and want to practice your skills together with your team?

On the platform you will find exercises and tools to strengthen the skills of the cultural and creative entrepreneur!

Best practice map – Inspirations

Want to learn about virtuous models of cultural and creative enterprises from which to take inspiration?

On the platform you will find a collection of best practices developed in Europe!

You do not need to register to access the platform: you can also log in as a guest.

The Resonant training course

The training course is divided into 2 modules.

The first is about soft skills:

Active Listening







Problem solving

For each skill you will find a description, an explanatory video, and a series of exercises divided by learner type.

The second module is about hard skills, where you will find descriptions and operational tools to practice:

Business Management, Financial Management and Decision Analysis:

Project Management Simulation

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) e Gantt


SWOT Analysis

Business Model Canvas (BMC)

Cash flow analysis

Business plan


AARHUS UNIVERSITET (leading partner, Denmark)


FVB (Italy)

IC GEOSS (Slovenia)


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Co-Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union