RES-MOVE: Resources on the Move (New Project)

New EU Project for leveraging collaborative spaces for the inclusive integration of migrants

People working together

Migrant integration is vital for fostering diverse, resilient, and dynamic societies. Migrants bring valuable skills, perspectives, and innovations that enrich local economies and cultures. However, they often face barriers to employment and social inclusion.

RES-MOVE, an EU Project funded by Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), addresses these challenges by promoting access to coworking spaces, where migrants can connect with opportunities, networks, and resources, thereby enhancing their employability and societal contribution.

RESMOVE seeks to make use of the unique potential of collaborative spaces, transforming them into hubs of inclusive integration for migrants. By promoting diversity, innovation, and social cohesion, we aim to create a more dynamic and inclusive labor market across the European Union.

Objectives and Goals

RES-MOVE is dedicated to transforming coworking spaces, focusing on

Creating Inclusive Work Environmens

  • Redesign coworking spaces to support migrant workers’ unique needs.

Building Job Pathways

  • Develop programs that offer migrants, especially women, direct paths to employment.

Empowering Through Education

  • Provide training and workshops to equip migrants with the skills needed in their new markets.

Fostering Community Connections

  • Encourage collaboration and networking among migrants and local professionals.

Target Groups


Supporting self-employed migrants in finding opportunities and networking.

Skilled Craft Migrants

Offering resources and spaces for migrants with artisanal skills.

Knowledge Workers

Assisting migrants with professional qualifications in accessing relevant job markets.

Startup Entrepreneurs

Helping migrant entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses.


RES-MOVE is a collaborative effort involving partners from 12 EU countries, each bringing unique insights and contributions to the project.

VET Providers


Research Centers

A Social Enterprise

A Migrants’ Association

A social partner

Kick Off Meeting in Athens

The Kick Off Meeting of the project took place in Athens, at the premises of the Academy of Entrepreneurship, the coordinating organization of the project, on 14 and 15 March.

It was a very fruitful opportunity for the partners to get to know each other, to share their experience in managing coworking spaces and the integration of migrants in the labour market and society in general.

The partners organised the next steps of the project, especially the research one, and planned their activities according to the specific needs of the target group and the labour market.

Stay tuned for the next activities of the project!