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Boosting Employability through Circularity of Bio-waste in Rural areas

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Project Overview


BECBA aims to empower and engage young people in agro-entrepreneurship actions that involve transforming bio-waste into valuable bio-products through innovative circular business models.

The project addresses two major issues related to rural areas: unemployment of young people and high amounts of segregated and mixed bio-waste that are not properly managed.

To achieve its objectives, the project focuses on developing the capacities of youth workers in recovering valuable nutrients from bio-waste and adapting them for reuse in agriculture. This approach is an integral part of the New Circular Economy Action Plan and will help shift agriculture away from its current linear model.

Analysis of bio-waste management practices in the project partners’ countries

This report provides an in-depth analysis of bio-waste management practices, laws, regulations, and institutional frameworks in four countries: Albania, Austria, Greece, and Kosovo.

By bringing together the best practices and resources from each country, BECBA can help promote sustainable and effective bio-waste management practices throughout the Balkan region.

Agro-Circularity Pioneers Program

The Training Format modules integrated three key elements to facilitate comprehensive learning and practical application. Firstly, they delved into the theoretical and practical dimensions of agricultural waste management, integrating personalized circular treatment methods and techniques honed during the research phase. Secondly, participants explored the theoretical and practical aspects of the circular economy, emphasizing the strategic utilization of agricultural bio-waste residues to create bio-products tailored for diverse market channels within the circular economy framework. Thirdly, the training adopted a Non-Formal Education (NFE) approach, ensuring the inclusion of relevant content within the Training Format.

Scheduled in Vienna, Austria, from 17th to 22nd September, the 7-day Agro-Circularity Pioneers course offered a blend of activities aimed at furnishing participants with knowledge, methodologies, and NFE tools.


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Youth Ecological and Security Zone (EcoZ)
Academy of Entrepreneurship
alchemia-nova (ANRI)
Lets Do It Peja (LDIP)
Environmental and Territorial Management Institute (ETMI)

This project is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme.