Catalyst 2030 – Greece Chapter

The Academy of Entrepreneurship as a member of the Catalyst 2030 Greece Chapter

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Catalyst 2030 is a fast-growing global movement of people and organisations committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) by 2030.

Launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2020, Catalyst 2030 is a social entrepreneur and innovator-led movement responding to a global call to action for people and planet.

The vision for our Regional and Country Chapters is that by working together at a local level, the collective action of all chapters will result in the advancement of the SDGs.

A local chapter of Catalyst 2030 is a group of members based in the same geographical area (region, country or subregion) that convenes as a community. Local chapters create an enabling space for social impact actors to flourish and contribute towards advancing the SDGs in their local context. It is a space which fosters strong human connections among members and collaborations that strengthen initiatives based on the group priorities.

The Greek Chapter

The main objective of the Greek chapter is to create an umbrella initiative that will enable the local ecosystem (Civil society, funding and social entrepreneurship ecosystem) to interact with transparency and shared values related to knowledge and experience exchange, promoting the country’s need for extroversion and for a concrete mindset shift leading to a cooperation mindset for preserving social, environmental and financial resources. 


Systems change around SDGs and open social innovation

We openly share our knowledge, resources, and networks, etc in order to create a collaborative global impact faster to reach the SGDs of 2030 sooner than expected. 

Funders re-education

There is a concrete need of alignment between the landscape’s needs and the offering from the funders. 

Education on SDGs

 The SDGs are not as widely known despite the urgency around them.

Awareness on SDGs’ intersectionality

Each SDG is important but each of them seems to be interconnected with others making the problems and challenges much harder to tackle when there is complete lack of awareness.

Mindset shift & extroversion reaching a regional as well as transnational cooperation

Partner and collaborate for sector building initiatives

 Identify spaces and events on social entrepreneurship and innovation and build channels of collaboration.

Be a space for diversity and representation of the sector in the country: and ensure the bridging between rural and urban spheres in Greece.

Promote and facilitate creating an ecosystem that enables accelerated SDG implementation and monitoring

Team members

For the next six months, Andreas Stefanidis, President of the Academy of Entrepreneurship will serve as an interim co-chair of the Catalyst 2030 Greek Chapter and Sylia Dospra, Fundraising Manager in Women do Business will serve as an second co-chair.

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