European Migration Policies


A European Union funded program that addresses European migration policies in the field of youth (young migrants and/or refugees), that can also be used along with other migration policies for adults or senior people.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship has been appointed by the European Commission to run the Greek leg of the initiative, along with a representative from Italy and Spain, which is coordinating the consortium.

  • The project seeks to generate an exchange of information, data and best practices between Greece, Italy and Spain regarding the inclusion of young migrants and refugees through migration policies.
  • Partners will investigate, deepen and evaluate a range of European migration policies in the political, educational, social and labor fields.
  • Main objective is to help social agents create and implement policies that successfully integrate migrants and refugees into society

The program started in the middle of 2017 and will run until the end of 2018.


  • Political: Incorporation of migrants into advisor bodies of local politicians in charge of different public policies (education, security, employment, etc.)
  • Education: Incorporation of the typical celebrations of the background countries of migrants into the official schedule of schools.
  • Labour: courses for the development of entrepreneurial skills of migrants for the creation of companies related to transnational spaces (importation/exportation of products from/to the countries of origin).
  • Social: Organisation of spaces in which natives and migrants can learn, through the dialogue, the language of their counterparts