The callenge of Experiential Tourism


Tourism, along with tourism services have been quickly developing in recent years. Travellers become increasingly demanding not only in terms of quality of services, but also in terms of innovative ways of enjoying destinations, ways of spending their leisure time. A recent, though consolidated, trend is experiential tourism where travellers enjoy their destinations not just as viewers and spectators, but as main actors of their journey, carrying vivid memories and long lasting emotions. Therefore, the challenge for service providers is the capacity to offer involving and interactive packages so as to address the expectations of international tourists and, thus, increasing their travelling clientele.


The training aims at discovering the features of experiential tourism as developed in recent years, the characterising elements of tourists involving activities so as to be bale in developing experiential packages and immerging activities on a local level. The course will provide not only theoretical knowledge about how to design and implement experiential packages, but will also introduce to the practical programming steps to be developed when developing such type of services for tourists.

Participants will acquire the main elements and recent trends in order to develop in their local context (island, community, cultural heritage, and local village) and business (art & craft, workshop) one or more day’s tours for travellers addressing the experiential trend of the new tourism market.


* Experience and experiential tourism, why addressing this choice.

* Elements, features, and conditions for immerging activities for travellers

* Characteristics of a relevant experiential packages

* Creating experiential tourism in local destination: methods, development steps, programming, editing

* Communicating experiential packages: storytelling and digital tools

* Delivering experiential services: occurrences, insurance, pricing, personnel


The training will provide information and notions, but will also focus on practical activities, working exercises, interactive learning so as to internalise methodology and procedures which will enable beneficiaries to acquire usable capacities on the topic.


The training is meant for:

* Destination Manager Organisations

* Travel agencies and Tour operators

* Tour guides and destination managers

* Association for the promotion and development of local territories

* Tourism organisations

* Artisans, craftsmen, manufacturers, artists

* Hotels, wineries, restaurants

Duration and date

The training will last 6 hours organised in one working day. Timing will be 9:00 – 15:00.


Training sessions will take place at the premises of AKEP, at Tsiller 61 & Ros, 11144 ATHENS


Training and didactic material will be delivered in English.


Please, verify the cost for the three days of training, included the digital didactic material and the in class room working material, with AKEP ( (+30 210 3313690)


Trainers are experts on an international level on tourism having been involved both as tour operators and trainers for some years. Their present involvement in the market of tourism and education enables staff experts to share and convey secrets and experiences on the matters to participants.

* Alessandro Carbone: See CV

* Anestis Anastasiou: See CV