Social Media in Tourism


In recent years tourism businesses had to address the quick change of the market and the new and constantly challenging demands of travellers. Social media play a paramount role in this transformation and have become the main tool for tourist when it comes to organising and booking their trips and holidays.

Destinations, along with entrepreneurs, and in particular those managing small and medium size activities in the tourism sector, are facing the need to properly and qualitatively use these digital media so as to interact with tourists, to be known by potential travellers, to learn about the needs and expectations of clientele, thus increasing quality of services and boosting sales.


The training aims sharing knowledge on how social media work in the tourism market and how actors can benefit from their power. Raising consciousness on the efficacy of digital media in tourism and learning how to take advantage of them will allow beneficiaries to transform these communication channels in a strong ally of their tourism businesses.

Furthermore, the course intends to train about the secrets of social and how to manage business channels so as to make them support the boosting of tourism activities and sales. Participants will learn practical suggestions on the selection of the proper social and their management so as to use their time and money in sustainable and profitable way.


* New power and challenges of social media in tourism. Rationale and matter of facts.

* Which media for which purpose: from Facebook to TripAdvisor, via Instagram and YouTube.

* The issue of Quality. Features for a successful use of digital channels in tourism: how, what, when.

* The issue of Contents. The role of written, visual, animation contents in social media

* Activating and managing efficacious social tools for your specific tourism business

* Strategies and practical choices to improve tourism media connections


The training will provide information and notions, but will also focus on practical activities, working with on line material on social media, interactive learning so as to collect factual information and learn about secrets and strategies which will support beneficiaries in the successful management of their digital channels.


The training is meant for:

*B&B, Hotels, restaurants

* Destination Manager Organisations

* Tour guides and destination managers

* Artisans, craftsmen, manufacturers, artists

* Association for the promotion and development of local territories

* Tourism organisations

* Travel agencies and Tour operators

Duration and date

The training will last 6 hours organised in one working day. Timing will be 9:00 – 15:00.


Training sessions will take place at the premises of AKEP, at Tsiller 61, 11144 ATHENS


Training and didactic material will be delivered in English.


Please, verify the cost for the three days of training, included the digital didactic material and the in class room working material, with AKEP ( (+30 210 3313690)


Trainers are experts on an international level on tourism having been involved both as tour operators and trainers for some years. Their present involvement in the market of tourism and social media enables staff experts to share and convey secrets and experiences on the matters to participants.

* Alessandro Carbone: see CV