11227048_927472070607852_946143910536705148_nSELFY (Social Enterprise Leadership For Youth) is an international consortium focused on raising the qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills of young people across Europe in relation to Social Enterprise and Leadership.

Funded by the European Union, SELFY is based on the successful methods of developing social entrepreneurship and leadership in young people devised by Bridging To The Future. The tools and approaches used in the UK will be exported to other EU countries, piloted in a live environment, adapted and then rolled out in these countries and the wider European Union.

In the two year partnership, SELFY is aimed to:

– Increase Social Enterprise and Leadership abilities, amongst 100 young people from five different countries.

– Create a toolkit for youth organisations across the EU to raise social enterprise and leadership amongst their young people.

– Enable individuals and organisations to move towards economic independence through running a social business

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