ELIST (European Learning Innovation for Sustainable Training), a 2-years project started in December 2014, aims at reducing the competences shortage and mismatch on the European labor market by creating new pathways for employment with non formal and informal learning activities, and contributing to a positive impact on local development in a sustainable way.

ELIST launches in the seven participating countries (Italy, Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Spain and Turkey) four key activities: mapping and surveying on current competences shortage within the rural population, structuring a pilot training program for entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs, providing capacity building of rural population and communities, and building a cooperation plan between policy-makers, VET providers, organizations and civil society organizations.

It differentiates from and complements with other previous projects by combining pilot training, capacity building and multipliers together to form a more effective adult learning methodology, and adopting the European Union Skills Panorama framework to a broader region and more systematic use.

Optimal results of ELIST will include stimulating entrepreneurship activity among rural population, fostering employability and mobility of targeted groups, and addressing the emerging practices on the topic of sustainable development in the rural sector.

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