Fresh Start

TheFresh Start project is a 24-month initiative co-funded by the European Commission, under the Directorate-General for Education and Culture.

The project aims to develop a specialized train-the-trainer course in order to provide European VET trainers with new skills that enable them to pass their training on developing young offenders’ entrepreneurial skills.

The main project objective is to adapt the available innovative content considering young offenders’ needs and specific sociocultural and linguistic contexts. Then, the project will develop a mentoring syllabus and a multilingual e-learning platform for VET trainers in order to improve their skills and competencies to train young offenders in entrepreneurial skills. Fresh Start has been developed by a transnational consortium specifically set up for the purpose of implementing the project. It involves seven (7) partners from five (5) EU Member States i.e. Romania, Greece, Lithuania, Estonia and Portugal/ content provider with complementary expertise.

Namely, the Romanian Foundation for Democracy (Romania) which is the Project Leader, Militos Emerging Technologies & Services (Greece), Hellenic American Union(Greece), Academy of Entrepreneurship (Greece), Psychological Support and Councelling Centre (Lithuania), NGO Best Opportunities (Estonia) and Tecmaia – Science and Technology Park of Maia, S.A., E.M./content provider (Portugal).