Values & Ethics


We believe in the social progress through the continuous contribution of active citizens, together with the cultivation and refinement of the essential entrepeneurial attitude. as every aspect in social life is interconected. We are focused on providing individuals with practical knowledge that they can apply to their own ventures in order to become successful and acheive financial prosperity.


To achieve our vision we are guided by the values of:

• Civility: The progress has to be collective to the society. When creating a project, we look for a way to improve our lifes and our surrounding environment, and not only for the capital accumulation in the pockets of a few.

• Cooperation: One of the bases of the entrepreneursial mind: if you can share it, do it, so we can build up faster, stronger and more trustable projects, companies and society.

• Passion: Only doing what you love will allow you to create a project and make it succesful. Many problems, obstacles and bad moments may come, and if you do not work in something you love, it will be easier to give up.