About Academy of Entrepreneurship

The Academy Of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization, with an innovative and authentic character, trying to meet the new challenges of the modern labour market as its first priority.

The Academy Of Entrepreneurship is determined to cope with the new reality created within the economic crisis in an effective and consistent way, on a national , European and global level, and aims to provide answers at a rapid but constant pace and on a theoretical and practical level, regarding the challenges that arise everyday and make entrepreneurship seem uncertain and risky. AKEP’s ultimate goal is the development of the appropriate conditions, to make startup entrepreneurship, both in Greece and abroad, more “safe” and tempting.

Academy Of Entrepreneurship was founded in 2007 by the historical Educational Association of Athens “HFAISTOS” and it works closely with the GEW Host in Greece the Federation of the Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs , aiming at the creation of a healthier entrepreneurial environment on a national and European level, and trying to support young people who wish to make their innovative entrepreneurial ideas come true. AKEP’s main objective is the cultivation of the essential entrepreneurial attitude and transfer of the necessary knowledge to young entrepreneurs who are now entering the labour market and to already active entrepreneurs, wishing to establish themselves and expand their operations both within Greece and abroad. In April 2014 the Academy of Entrepreneurship organized for first time the Startup Europe Roadshow in Athens.

AKEP has been a national partner of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Greece since 2008 . A series of workshops and entrepreneurship seminars are always organized during the GEW where participants can brainstorm and seek advice on business issues and learn about the challenges they have to face within the crisis in the labour market today. They also receive specific guidance, depending on the requirements of their own business endeavor and activity. As a member of the Entrepreneur Envoy Global Network, and recently of the European Association of Development Research and Training, the AKEP is fully aware of the requirements of the European labour market, transferring this knowledge to the participants of its educational programmes.

AKEP’s latest success is its nomination as the official STARTUP NATIONS Greece National partner of the Startup Nations Global Network, a nomination that makes the Academy widely recognized and establishes it as an important communication channel for startup entrepreneurs and enterprises both on a European and a global level.

AKEP has been the National partner in numerous European research projects for the support of entrepreneurship, mobility and employability in Europe. Learn more about these EU supported projects by clicking here.

AKEP is member of the Hellenic Spanish Chamber of Commerce.

Learn more about the history of the Academy by clicking here.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship is a nonprofit organisation, registered in the EU Transparency Register with ID number 049215512245-42 and the Unique Registration Facility (URF) of the European Commission with Participant Identification Code (PIC) 996793826.