Alongside the world’s top start up experts in Estonia

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) is taking part in the Startup Nations Summit, an event which gathers a network of entrepreneurship policy shapers from around the world. AKEP is a national member of Startup Nations for Greece.

Held in Tallinn, Estonia, the annual event aims to identify, test and track innovative policy levers and smart public sector driven programs for new and young businesses.

In line with AKEP’s policy of being at the forefront of global thought on entrepreneurship, co-founder and president Andreas Stefanidis is at the summit being held Nov. 20-22 focusing on how digital disruption is changing the world in a sustainable manner.

“The programs AKEP is involved in such as Open Innovation for SMEs and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs create an excellent combination of initiatives for supporting sustainable and Bluegrowth ideas at European and Global policy leaders,” said Mr Stefanidis.

The summit will serve as the official conclusion of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017, a weeklong celebration of entrepreneurship with more than 30,000 events and roughly 10 million participants in 160 countries.