At the heart of innovation between Greece and France

The Academy of Entrepreneurship (AKEP) will participate in the French MAZINNOV innovation forum being organized November 10-11 at Technopolis, Gazi, along with Blue Growth Entrepreneurship.

The innovation network MAZINNOV (Let’s innovate together”) aims to connect ideas, projects and people between the two countries.

It is being organized for a second year by the French embassy in Athens after it brought together 75 public and private actors of innovation from France and Greece last year.

The network is addressed to actors of innovation ecosystems such as start ups, enterprises, incubators, research centers and clusters.

AKEP will be at Technopolis on November 10 (between 12-6), informing forum participants on how they can benefit from the European Commission programs it runs on entrepreneurship. Bluegrowth entrepreneurship is an initiative promoting innovative start ups on sea and aquatic resources.

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